Fixing a monitor VGA cable

I have an 17 inch LG monitor about 18 months old.
The there is a intermittent/partial break in the "blue" wire in the VGA
cable, about 10cm from the VGA connector.
The bottom line is I either need to:
1. replace the whole VGA cable with one from an discarded PC
2. cut off 10cm off the old cable and attempt to solder a new VGA connector
I'd like suggestions on what's the best plan of attack.
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Gregory Toomey
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Replace the whole monitor with another one. 17" monitors are being thrown away at council collection days by the truckload. At worst you can buy one for $30-$40 at PC markets. By far the easiest solution.
Don't replace the whole lead, you'd have to open the monitor and there could some kind of wierdo connector inside that will ruin your day anyway.
Dave :)
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David L. Jones
your in Brisbane ? come for a drive (Browns Plains)and you can have a nice 17" Dell for $40.00 ( black) or you can resolder the vga plug if you have 3 hands and a small vice :)
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Resolder but it's a prick of a job.
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Fraser Johnston
bad idea, since with that impedance with cable changes; you could experience ghosting on letters/vertical bars right side ... Better to replace with original cable (requires opening monitor)...
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Not always.. a lot of screens have a socket on the outside of the screen, and you can just replace the cable alone..
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On Thu, 15 Dec 2005 03:01:00 GMT, Gregory Toomey put finger to keyboard and composed:
Contact me via email and I'll give you an old cable for the cost of postage. That's assuming I can find one that matches the internal connector and supports the monitor ID pins, if required.
- Franc Zabkar
Please remove one 'i' from my address when replying by email.
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Franc Zabkar
I have three complete crt monitors sitting on the office floor, which need a good home. If you are in Adelaide you can have one.
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