control an inkjet cartige

Might someone happen to know a way to control the inkjet cartige with
pulse signals instead of the computer?
would like to build a circuit for that purpose.
I want to be able to "shoot" ink droplets from all the nozzles at the
same time. I need to know how to operate each of the pizo crystals, and
then to operate them all.
I guess I can measure the electrical signal coming from the contacts
that match up with the ones on the cartridge, but always much easier,
if someone already has that information...
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What are you planning to do with them? Sounds messy. :)
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I want to shoot droplets of liquid that will be contained in the catridge. then i want to collect each droplet and make measurments. i know epson is using a pizo crystal, but don't really know how.
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Epson printheads are typically fixed within the printer, not part of the cartridge, so you may not be able to use an Epson one for what your after ..
You need a cartridge that contains a printhead within it, such as some older canon's and nearly all but the most recent of HPs.
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