European-Quality 1-off PCBs at DIY-Friendly Prices

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Are you frustrated with your search for a PCB prototyping service that
will let you order ONE PCB without burning a hole in your pocket or
compromising on specifications because you're a "hobbyist"? I was too.
Fret no more. The high-tech city of Bangalore is now home to several
European majors who have set up PCB fabrication plants here. These
include Wurth (Germany), Cipsa (Spain), Tecnomec (Italy) and AT&S
(Austria). I have been using one of these local-Euro fab houses for
some time now, with fantastic results. As a service to the DIY
community I am now happy to accept PCB designs from DIYers who are
looking for 1-off PCBs with exceptional quality. I will batch these up
and get them fabricated at a hugely affordable price of just $1.50 per
square inch with NO setup and NO minimum.

These are 2-sided boards, both sides soldermask, both sides
silkscreen, 100% flyprobe-tested, and immersion-gold finished! Just
$1.50 per square inch.

Pricing Examples

* 5x10 cm (8 sq inches/0.5 dm2)
o US$ 12 (~ 80% 8.5) + shipping

* 10x10 cm (16 sq inches/1 dm2)
o US$ 24 (~ 80% 17) + shipping

For more info on specifications and ordering, please visit
and look under the Proto PCBs tab. Questions welcome - write to me at
rr atSPAM audesine dotSPAM com.

Cheers - Ram

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