AT+CSQ for 3G signal quality level?

I know I can send AT+CSQ command to retrieve RSSI and BER, but I think it is related to 2G connection only.

How can I retrieve the 3G (UMTS) signal quality level, when the 3G modem is connected? Is another AT command available?

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What I do in a monitor I wrote is to listen to the PCUI messages (which includes RSSI changes) and parse those.

Does your device have a PCUI interface port ?


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Simon Clubley

It works on 3G as well. I've used it on a 3G-only network, where the SIM flips to 'roaming' on 2G if the signal isn't enough. The network names and RSSI numbers are quite different between the 2G and 3G networks, so it's easy to tell which signal is being measured.

That's on ZTE and Ericsson hardware anyway, YMMV.


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