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Re: Double Headed Fakes

"Bob Parker"

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** This arvo, when browsing that long list on Wiki of  " notable incidents "
I searched for an early 1960s Viscount crash - since I was sure there  WAS
one back then in Aussie.

Only I had the idea it went down in Bass straight ?

......   Phil

Re: Double Headed Fakes

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    According to
(turn your popup blocker on) there have been three Viscount crashes in
Aust: in Sydney, Port Hedland and Winton.

    There've been a few plane crashes in Bass Strait, but no Viscounts
got mentioned, according to


Re: Double Headed Fakes

Speaking of air disasters and counterfeit parts, during one really bad  =

at night I heard this plane come down less than 2Km from where I lived: %

    My Dad was almost booked on that flight but was able to an earlier flig=
ht  =

due to
a cancelled booking and was home when it crashed on approach.

    As far as counterfeit parts go it's common for helicopter parts "out of=

or past their use by date to be pressed back into service. Certain model=
s  =

of helicopters
are known to shed rotor blades and over the years have had the official =

service lifetime
of the blades reduced more than once due to "accidents".

    My favourite story was of the 1950's vintage Hiller helicopter that use=
d  =

wood and metal rotor blades: the engineers fitted a new set and could no=
t  =

get them to
dynamically balance at all. Further inspection found the blades were  =

counterfeits that had
been made of palm tree wood at a local Egyptian carpenter's. This occurr=
ed  =

in the 1980's
sometime if I recall correctly.

Re: Double Headed Fakes

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As if you could actually speak to the CEO, or he would care if you did.


Re: Double Headed Fakes

"Phil Allison"
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 ** Or here:

Look for:  " Double Headed Fakes MEX190 "  002.jpeg  &  003.jpeg.

..........   Phil

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