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Re: Digital Radio Petition

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  I was, till I remembered that due to commercial interest's on analogue
radio's ability to truly balls up their programs beyond belief, I've stopped
listening to radio nearly a decade ago.  And that was before the government
had put their thumb in.

  What makes you think that digital radio will be any different?
  It will have the same content.

  The government who shouldn't have had their noses in it in the first place,
will only make it worse. (I'm agreeing in essence with you here).

  However, back to my point, you can't get worse than not listening in the
past decade, so it really doesn't make any difference what standard they say
is best for us.

  Ditto for digital television.  I'm still not looking at it.  And from what
the statistics say, neither is a huge chunk of the country either.
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Re: Digital Radio Petition

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     Same here. Back in 2003, Sydney's 2WS-FM got so bad and the
alternatives were even worse, that I bought an MP3 CD player for the
car. It's been pure bliss ever since. I sometimes listen to the radio
news on the hour, then go back to high quality music without the banal
     I e-mailed 2WS to thank them for driving me to get an MP3 player,
but they didn't reply....

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