Computer fan speed control pot?

Hi All;
I installed another fan in my computer case. Now it sounds like a Jumbo
Jet taking off. I realised that I only need the fan when the weather is hot.
I got to wondering if I couldn't install a pot in series with the fan to
slow down it's speed and, by turning slower, quiet it down.
Trouble is I don't know what size of pot (in ohms) to put in the line.
Any suggestions?
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There's all sorts of things you can do.
Have a look at
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Or consider an off the shelf item like
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IMHO pots present problems, either use PWM or a switched diode voltage dropper
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Robert Murphy
I don't have a direct answer to your question but I installed a second fan and DPDT Center Off switch to switch them in series, parallel or off. It works well so I guess that a pot of about the same resistance as your fan should be OK.
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David Segall
Or... try here?.....
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Gary Slater

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