Compro DVB T300 Digital / Analog Terrestrial TV Card

Just got a Compro DVB T300 TV card
I've had this for a few months now but haven't quite
got round to installing it and leaving it running in my
PC case.....
OK so far analog TV seems to work reasonably well
providing you give it a good antenna to work with. It
seems to be rather picky about what you plug into it.
However I am having a hard time getting Digital TV
to work properly. Despite no problems on my TV
which is at the other end of the room hooked up to
an STB via a VCR.....
When switching to Digital TV it never seems to
work the same way twice.. I don't know whether
its atmospheric conditions affecting signals or
other related issues but I get all channels some days
and on other days it won't get any channels, and this
with no change to antenna or cable setup..........
To a lesser extent this has also happened on the normal
TV but on some days, especially hot dry ones it seems to
work better then cold overcast days.....
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Hi John, Is the signal strength displayed anywhere in software. If it is then you may get a better idea if the reception problem is signal strength or something else. APR
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Usually around 53% on the PC and 60 to 75% on the TV and set top box....... But some days it works good and on others not so good and I'm sure weather and atmospheric conditions play a minor part.......
I am getting an external antenna, when I can be bothered to call the installers.....
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I got one of these a few days ago and I can only say that these are not exactly "high quality" DVB-T cards. Mine wouldn't even pick up any channels properly whereas an STB on the same antennae produced perfect pictures on all channels with 85+% signal strength. I took mine back and thankfully the guys at the computer shop did a refund without question.
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Fred At Home
They probably had other customers who also complained
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Some guy at the markets complained about them too - couldn't tune half of them. He bought half a dozen Fusions & said they were the best. I have one so can't complain.
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