Compaq Armada 7400 AC Adaptor Pin Assignment needed

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Hi there,
a friend gave me some old Compaq Armada 7400 Laptop. Unfortunately without
an ac adaptor. Since i am a bit into electronics i thought of building my
 own adaptor.

Thus i need to know the pin assignment of the 4 PIN Connector on the Laptop.
Compaq told me it is a ISO EN60320 / IEC 320 Standard Sheet C13 Connector.
The Compaq Spare Sparts number of the AC Adaptor is 204434-001

However i am not thinking of spending 100 bucks for a simple ac adaptor when
all i need to know is the assignment of the 4 Pins.

So, does anyone here know what voltage, etc. goes to what PIN ?

The Laptop itself consumes about 18,85 Volts DC and 3,2 Amperes.

Best Regards


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