Colour coding for LV cords

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Just wondering if there are any regs prohibiting the use of mains standard
wire colouring in LV service. I've just taken delivery of an Antex XS-25 24v
soldering iron, and the cores in the cord are exactly the standard blue,
brown and green/yellow.

Re: Colour coding for LV cords

"Bruce Varley"
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** Folk have been using mains power cable ( 2 core and 3 core ) for speaker
leads since forever. The only prohibition I know of is in using 3 pin AC
plugs and sockets for other than mains power  - cos THAT would be stupid.


I once came across a set up where a 12V car battery was connected to a 12V
motor used for starting model engines using a switched GPO and 3 pin AC
plug.  I did an instant "double take" when I first saw it.

I pointed out how dodgy the set up was to the guy that made it.

He was not persuaded and immune to all criticism.

And he made his living as an electrician.

...  Phil

Re: Colour coding for LV cords
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Also that one in EA or ETI back 30+ years ago where a guy wired his
telephone line to several rooms in his house using 240v GPO's, and a
standard mains 3 pin plug on the phone.

Re: Colour coding for LV cords
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Especially stupid when you can actually buy similar 2 pin plugs and
switched wall outlets to suit. These were used for sub 32V appliances
such as one might find in an automotive garage for eg. lead lights for
working under cars.

A much safer proposition and no chance of mixing them up...



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