Buttons for device needed.

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Buttons for device needed.

I am looking for some slimline buttons for something I am making, the
buttons need to be just like keyboard keys in which you press them and
take your finger off and the connection is stopped. No idea what the
technical term for this is :)

I have a few I have seen from jaycar, would be nice if someone told me
this is what i was looking for, they would be perfect if they were
like keyboard keys.



I am hot wiring a keyboard at the moment to get my device to do what I
want it to do, I need a button that i connect two wires up to and when
pressed make the connection and when released break the connection.

Thanks for any help or tips or urls for other options :)


Re: Buttons for device needed.

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It's called a "momentary action" pushbutton switch, usually SPST
(Single Pole Single throw), although you can use other types like


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