AWA Thorn Q chassis diagrams

Does anyone have a circuit diagram for an AWA Thorn Q chassis? In
particular I'm after the circuit for the power supply and
HV/horizontal sections. The TV is actually a rebadged Mitsubishi.
The original symptom was NPNS. There is a pair of 68R 10W (?)
resistors connected between the E and C of the pass transistor (Q991)
in the linear PSU. These divert some of the load away from Q991. A
tiny coil that connects these resistors was OC due to a dry solder
joint. Prior to resoldering this coil, I checked both Q991 and the HOT
(Q591). Both appeared to be OK. However, after reconnecting the coil,
both transistors failed and took out the fuse. As the set isn't worth
a cracker, I'd rather not spend too much time on it. A circuit would
make my job a little easier.
TIA for any assistance.
- Franc Zabkar
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