Australia: Google wipes Street View data, guts cars

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By Liam Tung on May 5, 2011 6:09 AM (25 minutes ago)
Update to kill sniffing software.

Google has deleted its Australian Street View payload data, which it
revealed last October included emails, URLs and passwords.

“First, you may remember that our ultimate goal was to delete the
payload data. We can report that this was completed in February under
independent supervision,” Alan Eustace, Google US senior vice president
of engineering and research wrote on a Google Australia blog post.

Google also provided a written declaration that it had gutted its Subaru
Imprezas of radio, Wi-Fi equipment and software it previously used
during its packet-sniffing roaming.

“We removed all WiFi equipment from our Street View cars and will not be
collecting any WiFi data via the Street View cars,” said Eustace.

Full Story:,google-wipes-street-view-data-guts-cars.aspx

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