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cs_posting wrote:
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I use it on airplanes and in airports and have gone over
three hours, and have yet to have the battery run down on
me.  Of course I turn off all peripherals that I am not
using to conserve battery life.  In the BIOS you can turn
off the USB ports, Ethernet LAN, Audio, Wireless LAN,
Webcam, Speaker, and Card Reader.  I keep a 16GB SD card
in the cardreader at all times and use the USB to back up
my data, but the other peripherals are turned off.  And,
of course, I could get an airline power adapter and an
auto power adapter.
Some of the Overseas/Surf models are reported to have a
4400mAh battery, while mine has a 5200mAh that is the same
physical size. There is a 10400mAh battery (Quite a bit
larger; see for a picture)
that I see advertised on eBay, or you can always keep a
second charged battery in your laptop bag.  Given the
potential for fires, I personally only use OEM batteries.
so I am waiting until Asus starts shipping the 7800mAh
OEM battery (See ).
Another possibility that I haven't looked into is to
underclock the Eee further than Asus is already
underclocking it.  I have seen info on overclocking a Eee,
but haven't paid much attention.  If anyone here has
underclocked one, please share the details.
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Re: Asus Eee battery life
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as I said in my original thread regarding the power:

I used to travel with a back pack and notebook, now I carry a DVD player
case over my shoulder, with the EEE PC inside.

For power, I have an EDV002SA battery backup (is really a DVD player
backup), that gives me another 3 hours or so. This fits inside the
player case along with the EEE PC.


Don McKenzie

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Re: Asus Eee battery life
My feeling is that the EeePC was to a degree rushed to market without
a perfect selection of components for low-power, and without full
capability to adjust consumption to meet actual computing demand, the
way a more sophisticated future design hopefully will.  It's sort of
falls into a technology gap - the AMD geode in the OLPC isn't powerful
enough, and intel didn't seem to have a suitable low-end use-all-the-
tricks low-power laptop chip available when it was designed, though
they may now.

So they rushed the machine into production before it was perfect.  The
end result is that I've owned mine for five months and gotten lots of
use out of it.

An Eee in the hand is woth 2^10 at CES

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