ActGen to use or not to use?


I was doing a project with Actel FPGA ex128 with Libero Platinum Eval version software.

in my project I had to use some counters,Multiplexers etc. which I wrote myself.

Now as I was a beginner I didnt use the ActGen.

Is it worth the effort to write the code partly by using ActGen macros for counter and muxes and etc.

Thanks Naimesh

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Good work. Writing your own code makes your design portable and easy to simulate.

Libero has Synplify synthesis which makes using ActGen unnecessary in most cases.

Only if your design fails to fit or meet timing. The downside to a core generator is that it makes your design non-portable and harder to simulate.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

I've used Actel's ActGen for numerous modules with good success. Being specific to Actel parts and specific families, you should get better performance than generic VHDL. NOTE: I have had problems with the input bus naming convention they use in their Multiplexers with my simulator.

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