Am I restricted to one RSP on the NBN?

I have sent the following enquiry to NBN Co. Meanwhile, I would be interested if any of you know the answer or if you have an opinion on what the answer should be.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Your FAQ indicates that in order to connect to your network in Tasmania customers must select one, and only one, Retail Service Provider. Is this your general policy or is it merely a reflection of the current state of your network?

When the network is more mature will I will be able to deal directly with multiple content providers or will I be restricted to the offerings of one Retail Service Provider?

Thank you for your attention.

Regards, Gordon.

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Gordon Levi
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Your issue is with the fact that you are limited to only one *service* provider, yet your letter questions whether you will be able to deal with more than one *content* provider.

You are asking the wrong people. The answer will be provided to you when the ALP government's new content research ally, Intel (which is globally famous for *content* applications) comes up with a global strategic plan for content applications.


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B J Foster

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