Acer AL2223W monitor repair

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I've been asked to look at an Acer AL2223W 22" LCD monitor with a
problem. Symptom: Powers up, power light remains on, but only a brief
flash of display. I suspect the backlight system - inverter? - but
having worked on an LCD monitor before (plenty of CRT's!) would
appreciate any insight from someone who is familiar with this


John Mackesy

Re: Acer AL2223W monitor repair

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John, as a general guide LCD monitor faults fall into two areas -
backlight/inverter (which matches the symptoms you describe) and
faulty PSU, usually resulting from bad electros, where the PSU cycles
and the power light does likewise.

However the hardest bit is usually opening the damned thing..

Re: Acer AL2223W monitor repair

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A common fault on 17" acers was dry solder joints on certain components. I'm
not sure what the name of the component is but I presume it is a noise
filter. It's a magnetic ring with a coil of wire wound around it. In my case
it had only around 10 windings. I had 3 acer monitors with a dry solder join
on this same component.


Re: Acer AL2223W monitor repair

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John wrote:
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The gang in should be able to help you with this
one. My guess would be a bad backlight inverter board.

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