2SD2583 and 2SB1658

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Hi all,

Both NEC Transistors, cant seem to find them online anywhere (Perth and or
Any ideas where to get a couple of each
Or maybe some equivalents

BTW out of a Nikko remote control off road buggy



Re: 2SD2583 and 2SB1658

"Steve Butler"
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** This  Q  looks familiar  ......

Those particular devices are special types  -   very high beta  & very low
Vce sat   PLUS  in a small TO126 pack.

Spare semis for Asian made RC toys and hobby items are ( and have always
been IME ) next to unobtainable  -   certainly all the specials like servo
ICs and DC motor drive ICs.


When you post Qs about unusual semis -  post links to the datasheets on the

Saves others from all the trouble.

......   Phil


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