Relays, surplus electronics

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I'm looking for P&B style double and triple pole, double throw relays, that
fit into a base.  I don't know the number, or the generic style to search
on.  Maybe you all have an idea.
One style has an 11  pin base (2 for the coil, 9 for the contacts), in a
rectanglur array. The pins are actually blade-like.
The relay itself is about 1x1" cross section, about 2-3" high, clear or
colored plastic, sometimes w/ an indicator light inside. It plugs into a
molded plastic base, which has screw terminals.
The other style has an octal/tube style base, that I'm less familiar with..

I used to find these surplus locally (NYC area), but no longer. Most of what
I found was not P&B, but clones.

Any ideas?

Also, are there cheap solid state equivalents that would work just as

Appreciate all help.
Mr. P.V.'d
formerly Droll Troll

Re: Relays, surplus electronics
I used to deal w/ a guy named Fertik in PA, but he's basically retired now,
does a little sumpn out of Florida.
Mr. P.V.'d
formerly Droll Troll
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Re: Relays, surplus electronics
Go to

and look up P&B

It should not cost you much to get new stock from them.

Chuck P.

Re: Relays, surplus electronics
Try and as well as

Re: Relays, surplus electronics

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These by Omron look identical to the ones you are talking about.
They're on page 1283-4 of the Mouser catalog. Potter and Brumfield is
listed as Potter and Brumfield/Tyco Electronics. I see the old blade
P&B type on page 1288 didn't see the octals. Order once from Mouser and
you'll get a new catalog every 6 months or so. They're great no

Re: Relays, surplus electronics
I think the serious of pnb you need is either the KUP or KRA serious.
If you send me more in like double pull double throw and the volt
ratings i can send you a pic of these serious and the bases i have left
in stock. Contact me at

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