Fender Deluxe 90 hums

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It hums, said the customer.
I'll take a look, I said.

After a cleanup I tested it and couldn't find anything electrically wrong.

But with nothing except power connected there always seemed to be a faint  
hum from the speaker.

Probably normal I thought. It doesn't seem to be the highest quality design.

But then I noticed that the bench seemed to be vibrating a little.
And when I disconnected the speaker the hum remained.

It's actually caused by the power transformer.
Pushing hard on the back of the unit by the transformer eliminates the hum.
Perhaps tightening the transformer bolts will fix it.  

Re: Fender Deluxe 90 hums
John Smith wrote:
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** There are a whole bunch of Fender SS amps built the same way - and I have seen one or two that hummed due to vibration from the AC transformer.  

Tightening the mounting bolts might help.  

....  Phil  

Re: Fender Deluxe 90 hums
On 06/07/2017 02:03, John Smith wrote:
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Before tightening the bolts, slacken a bit and introduce thinned lacquer  
all around the E&I soft iron plates.
Check soldering at the input socket ground lines as well.

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