Powering Cambridge 210w 8ohm Sub woofers

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Hello People,  

On this website you can see a picture of a three voice coil sub woofer:  


Also known as Cambridge 210w 8ohm Sub woofers (taken from creative gigawork
s s750 7.1's).  

Apperently this is a subwoofer which requires 3 amps of each 70 watts of po
wer to bring this beast alive !  

I have mine still stuck in my Gigaworks S750 enclousure. I am thinking/woul
d like to bring it back alive and thus I would like to replace the very sha
dy creative labs electronics with some kind of alternative.  

Perhaps the best option is a "plate amp". Apperently this is some kind of p
late with some amp electronics attached to it. This could then probably be  
used to seal the enclosure, it would need to happen to have the same dimens

For now this is an experiment mostly to see if it would work, if it is poss
ible and what kind of sound it would give so I can compare it to my memory  

A repairman claims that it is best for the sound quality to have the Gigawo
rks fulled repaired/restored, however I am not so sure of that claim and I  
highly doubt it because I cannot imagine how the electronics would improve  
the sound of other amps.  

However there is some speak of "cross-over" frequencies, though this seems  
to be handled by software and can be set between 10 hz and 200 hz.  

Furthermore the creative x-fi elite soundblaster has 3 outputs on the back  
which split into 9 outputs via special video cables which are used as audio
 cables, where one output probably has no signal.  

So it seems these cables either duplicate the output signals or split them.
 I confident that there is a subwoofer signal on one of them, going into my
 receiver and I could probably connect any amp to the receiver, or perhaps  
even directly to one of these outputs.  

My main issue is:  

Will this idea work ? Also how to connect amplifiers to this subwoofer ? Is
 it as easy as simply plugging some cables into the amp and then connecting
 it to the 3+ and 3- ?  

Also my other main question is:  

Which equipment is suited for this ? My guess would be some kind of plate a
mp which can deliver 3x70 watts ? Does such an plate-amp exist ?  

If it doesn't would I need to buy 3 amplifiers each of 70 watts ? Perhaps d
uplicate the subwoofer signal to all 3 with cables ? How would that work ?

An amplifier in a box could also be interesting to play with, but perhaps t
he amp plate might be a good solution for this gigaworks if it happens to h
ave the same dimensions or otherwise maybe a little bit of extra wood work  
or so could enclose it ? Perhaps the heatsink of such an amp plate is also  
enough to cool it and the subwoofer itself doesn't need any cooling.  

So please advise if you have any insight or experience into this matter bec
ause my experience with "amplifiers" is zero.  

I do own a denon receiver 1909 which is used to power the 7 satelitte speak
ers and this works fabolously.  

My main concern is also the safety of the electronics, I kinda don't trust  
the gigaworks electronics because of all this brown glue that might have da
maged it and the designs looks kinda shady ! ;) :) but perhaps I am a bit t
o untrusty of that :) also I like to give other electronics a try just to s
ee what it's like.  

So if you have any recommendations please share ! ;) It will be very highly
 appreciated not just by me, but by many many many many owners of gigaworks
 s750 that have the exact same problem as me.  


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