vhdl netlist synthesized

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Sorry for the basic question!
I' d like to know if with the ISE Webpack of Xilinx i can obtain the .vhd
file of the synthesized netlist.
I can view the RTL schematic double-clicking on the "View RTL schematic"
option of the Synthesize tag and i can view the .vhd report of the
traslate tag. The latter ( as is specified in the file ) is only for
simulation purpose and haven't a one to one correspondence with the
primitives and the hardware really used.
Is the VHDL netlist voluntarily hidden? If not, where i can find the file?
If yes, is there something that i can do to obviate it?

I'm asking that because i' d like to obtain a netlist synthesized in VHDL
and try a place and route with another tool, with a standard cell library
mapped on the basic gates of a XC9500 architecture.

Thanks in Advance!

Re: vhdl netlist synthesized
Hi Kubik,
Xilinx has a comand line application called NETGEN, I hope that it will
do the trick for you..

Regards, Moti.

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