[Q] Virtex-IV with RLDRAM-II any experience with it?

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For a fast imaging system, we plan to use
the LX60 together with x36 organized RLDRAM-II

Has someone else allready made successful
realisation and implementation of such a system
other than the ML461 board, and is willing to
share the hints and tips with the community?

Are (tested and verified) IP cores available for
purchase other than the one from Xilinx,
(VHDL preferred)?

- Required Clk Speed ~ 250 Mhz
- Required Chips per FPGA ~ 4 (x36 organized CIO interface)

BTW it seems to be hard to get the RLDRAM-II devices
such as the :  MT49H32M9 ... Any tipps where to buy?

Best Regards


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