MICROBLAZE: user core problem

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I'm trying to connect a user peripheral to the Microblaze OPB bus. I
have done all as mentioned in the "User Core Template for OPB (Slave
Services Package 0) but without success.

I have added some code lines in the correponding places to match the
IPIF to my user_core.

I have routed the Bus2IP_CS, Bus2IP_WrCE and Bus2IP_RdCE to some user
leds in my development board and I haven't noticed any effect, so I
imagine that I'm not accesing to my peripheral.

I have also checked the BASEADDR and the HIGHADDR and I think they're

Here you are part of my MPD file

PARAMETER c_baseaddr     = 0xFFFFFFFF, DT = std_logic_vector, MIN_SIZE
= 0xFF
PARAMETER c_highaddr     = 0x00000000, DT = std_logic_vector
PARAMETER c_mir_baseaddr = 0xFFFFFFFF, DT = std_logic_vector, MIN_SIZE
= 0xFF
PARAMETER c_mir_highaddr = 0x00000000, DT = std_logic_vector
PARAMETER c_user_id_code = 3,          DT = integer
PARAMETER c_include_mir  = 0,          DT = integer
PARAMETER c_opb_awidth   = 32,         DT = integer
PARAMETER c_opb_dwidth   = 32,         DT = integer
PARAMETER c_family       = virtex2,    DT = string

Note that I actualize "c_baseaddr" and "c_highaddr" parameters on the
component as well as the "c_mir_baseaddr" and "c_mir_highaddr".

I'd be very grateful if someone could help me.



Re: MICROBLAZE: user core problem

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If you are attaching LEDs on these signals you will not see anything
(maybe with an osilloscope) these signals are active only for an OPB bus
transaction which will match your C_BASEADDRESS, depending on your OPB_Ack
latency (transaction acknoledge) this  will keep from 2 to 16 OPB_Clk
periods so you need a very good eye to see a ~1 us blink. (assuming 100Mhz


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