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Hi all,
Iam trying to develop an embedded mp3 player. I compiled...and
installed in linux(FC4) + pentium platform.  Now I want to prototype in
xilinx development board. There are doubts like,

1)How can I estimate the processing  power, fpu, memory, clock
frequency, RTOS, cache requirements, like whether they are required or
not, if so, how much.

2)Im thinking to use the leon processor (open source) instead of power
pc (hardcore) in the xilinx chip. If I port my own processor in xilinx,
could I be able to use the resources like ethernet transciever, audio
codec etc which are  built in the board, connected to power pc
processor (like the software, device driver everything is designed with
a view of power PC.)

3)In the development boards, there is a flash prom for storing
configurations is available. Is it possible to use it as a place for
storing my boot code portion so that I can download the image from pc
and put it in RAM and run from the same.

soft processor: leon
chip : xc2vp30 (xilinx virtex-II pro development system

Guide me in those areas, where I want to learn & work,

Re: embedded design prototyping

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Well, you need some schematic on how the external devices are
conneced. Then you'd need a manual on these devices. The source for
their drivers would help, otherwise you'd have to think a bit

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Usually, I'd expect that.


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