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Revisited.. Again I'm looking for experiences on the most cost effective way to embed a CD or DVD drive into an OEM product, for the purpose of playing pre-recorded audio. This is 2000 or so units per year. I asked similar questions about 2 months ago, and this is a different customer but similar application. Last time I came to the conclusion that I need to just stick in an ATAPI drive ($17-$25), but then again there may be a better way known now. When I rip apart a commercial CD or DVD player, the transport looks much more Spartan and less expensive. So, I ask again, just in case. Thanks for your patience.

Any thoughts?

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You can buy the pickup and spindle motor assembly, but the support electronics required are a lot of engineering to get working right. Your volumes are negligible compared to consumer electronics volumes. I think you are still definitely in the zone where an ATAPI drive makes best sense. You could certainly try contacting some of the Chinese vendors of portable CD players (try starting at

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as a kick-off point), but I don't think they'll talk to you at these volumes (and the customization costs would probably exceed your budget IMHO).

$17 does sound a bit expensive for a CD-ROM drive (unless you were considering a laptop-type unit); can you consider using a 5.25" format (i.e. standard mounting holes) and buy surplus? You should be able to pick up NOS slow (24x or slower) CD-ROM drives for well under $10 in

2k qty. I have occasionally seen large lots (500-5000pcs) of 8x drives for ~$4.50 each.
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