what wireless networking hardware is available?

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This is a rather broad question, but any information will be helpful.

What wireless radio / wireless networking hardware is available
commercially that I can develop with? I do ad-hoc network research and
sensor network research. For the people that build wireless networking
systems today, what hardware do you use?

I am looking for any hardware that I can use that gives me complete
control over the MAC layer and up. It would be nice to program all
that in C with maybe a little assembly when it's really needed. It
would be especially good if the physical layer were compatible with
802.11b or 802.11g so that I could make them talk to my PC. I don't
need an 802.11 implementation or anything as I can code that myself.

I have experience with common 802.11b wireless chips from Intersil. I
have used them in the past to build systems and even modified the
firmware to make the MAC do what I needed. But that isn't a very
elegant solution in my opinion.

Motes sound like a good solution, but I don't know where to get them.
I can't get a response from dust networks.

I need something that I can eventually use commercially, rather than
just for research. Is there some de-facto standard that companies are
using for this sort of work and I am just unaware?

Sorry for the broad topic, but I hope this thread will draw
informative responses to help me and others.


Re: what wireless networking hardware is available?
I was also thinking something like used PDA's would make nice research
hardware. They are cheap and have more than enough processor power.
Anyone ever do any work with PDA's and peer to peer wireless
networking? If so, did you find a way to program the MAC layer,
routing and all, rather than using what came with the handheld?


Re: what wireless networking hardware is available?
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ipaq/simpad + linux

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