Wanted: in UK, a few surplus CPLD's or FPGA's

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Hi all,

I am a student, especially interested in learning about programmable
logic, but the prices asked are a bit much!

Does anyone have a few surplus they would sell cheap? I keep looking
on eBay, but I've not seen any yet. They would probably end up at some
ridiculous price anyway.

CPLD's, FPGA's, GAL's all gratefully accepted...

I don't mind what the parts are, I can learn to use whatever I can get
(provided I can make a programmer :-) I have circuits for Altera
Byteblaster, Gal programmer, a programmer for fpga config eeproms
(thanks to Elektor) and a parallel port Xilinx jTag.

DIP or PLCC packages would be best, but I could probably manage some
fine pitch QFP if needed (my DIY PCB making stuff can just about
manage this!)

Thanks in advance,

Re: Wanted: in UK, a few surplus CPLD's or FPGA's
snipped-for-privacy@softhome.net says...
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I've got a tube of fourteen Xilinx XC2018-70PC68C FPGAs in 68-pin PLCC.
If you're interested, send me an email...

--Gene Berkowitz

Re: Wanted: in UK, a few surplus CPLD's or FPGA's

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I guess they are not supported by free xilinx software. I myself bought some
xilinx xc95144's for that they are supported by xilinx free webpack. But
the soldering is killing me. So they are basically still sitting on my

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Re: Wanted: in UK, a few surplus CPLD's or FPGA's

Erm, so you've not seen any on eBay eh.....?


...and that's just in the new today section. I know they're all in the
US, but most sellers on there will ship to the UK if you ask nicely, and
with the exchange rate what it is at the moment, they're dirt cheap.

Even new GAL16v8s are only like 0.90p new....?

Yours, Mark.

Eric wrote:

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Re: Wanted: in UK, a few surplus CPLD's or FPGA's
On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 19:43:35 +0000 (UTC), "Mark (UK)"

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Erm, Hi.

Well, some of the links you gave are for microcontrollers, one is for
desoldered BGA's that need reballing (I'm just a student, remember!),
a couple of the are potentially useful but need an external programmer
that I can't afford (and I cannot find a programming algorithm to make
my own) and...

...one is useful to me, being jtag programmable. I have been watching
this for a while and am awaiting an email re delivery from the seller.
I have seen all these before (except the microcontrollers).

There may be another useful one, but I don't know about programming
for the 7032-VLC44 parts - external or in-circuit???

There are a few others on, even in the UK, but with similar
programming problems (apart from some GAL's I'm watching). I really
want to play with something a bit bigger than a 16v8 though.

Anyway, erm, thanks for your help.


Re: Wanted: in UK, a few surplus CPLD's or FPGA's

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I may have some Atmel ATV or ATF750s to spare, if you do not require
huge complexity. I would prefer to donate them only if you are sure that
they will be of use to you.

How will you generate the programming (JEDEC or whatever) file?

How will you program your chips?

Please reply via email, unmangling the address shown.


------------Richard Dungan-------------
Radix Electronic Designs, Orpington, UK

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