VGA/SVGA video chip manufacturer?

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My project need VGA/SVGA output, so I am searching for a suitable
one. First, I need to know the name and website of manufactures of
such ICs, including those not-very-well-known ones. My project is
an embedded system.

Any infomation is much appreciated.

Thx in advance.

Re: VGA/SVGA video chip manufacturer?

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Fujitsu have a couple of nice ones, that look like they would work
quite nicely in an embedded system. AFAICR they list it under
automotive components.

   Anton Erasmus

Re: VGA/SVGA video chip manufacturer?
Hi dlion,

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VGA chips are mainly used in PC's, and that's a fast living
market. The chips which are available today may have
vanished in one or two years.

If you don't need color and the highest resolution, then you
could make the video signal simply by software, for example
with the F120 controllers from Silicon Laboratories. 256x192
pixels with 256 gray levels is easy, and even higher
resolution is possible.


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