V23 transmitter on a pic ?

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Hi guys,

I need a V23 TX modem firmware running on a PIC microcontroller (75bps
transmitter, 450/390Hz FSK). I don't need reception, just transmission, so I
guess a PIC will largely be able to do it : A look-up table or DDS-based
approach will be ok, but before starting to code it I just would like to
check if someone have it already coded...

Many thanks,
Friendly yours,

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Re: V23 transmitter on a pic ?

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I haven't done it but I've seen PIC based alarm systems that included a
full 300bps modem with tone and dtmf (TX and RX) signaling. The one I
have here is in a 17C42 at 16MHz.

Paul Bealing

Re: V23 transmitter on a pic ?
The easiest way is to wireup an ISA modem card to the PIC,unless you HAVE to
use some other technology. Wiring is a snap,software is even easier. I used
this scheme 15 years ago(argh,time flys) for some prototype remote energy
controllers.Nice thing is the hardware is already approved and reasonably
'bullet proof'.


Re: V23 transmitter on a pic ?
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Does that mean it is easy to use a PIC for creating a filter for SSTV
use ? Of course with a suitable AD/DA-converter added..

(still looking for any suitable C-compiler for my TMS320c50 DSK-kit)

Re: V23 transmitter on a pic ?
Thanks guys, as I only needed the transmit part of a V23 Uart (the simpler
side...) I finally coded from scratch a DDS-based FSK routine on a PIC. It
is working perfectly at 75/300/600bps.

Many thanks again for your answers,
Friendly yours,

Robert Lacoste
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