USB cables and connectors (1.1 vs 2.0)

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Dear all,

can anyone tell me what is the main difference between cables and
connectors used in USB 1.1 vs 2.0? I'd like to use USB2.0 camera in a
small video system and I have to cut the cable and replace std connector
with my own one (due to dimension and some other stuff). Can I do it
without bothering? Should I pay special attention to my own connector?
What factor must be considered?
I have done all this with USB1.1 device but I'm not sure about 2.0.

Thnx in advance

Re: USB cables and connectors (1.1 vs 2.0)
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AFAICS, it's probably quite simple: USB 2.0 has essentially the same
specs, but it'll be a good deal pickier about you following them
precisely.  E.g. I'm quite sure a cable used by your typical USB 1.1
mouse wouldn't carry USB 2.0 successfully.

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No --- you always have to bother.  The question is *how* much you have
to bother about this.  And the answer to that would be: more than you
would have dealing with USB 1.1.

400 MBit/s can be serious high-frequency stuff compared to the 11
MBit/s of USB1.1.

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