SingleStep Simulator/Debugger V - 7.6.6 for PowerPC debug script problem

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Hi All,

As a part of testing that I do I have to write debug scripts for SDS.

My code is for MPC555 in C++.

In one of the existing scripts for the tests,legacy code and their
tests, I found this:

#while ( functional_test=char )    :LINE 1
#  while ( *datascb_ptr == 0 && pattern_testing=char )
#    step -a     # step until DATASCB is set
#  end
#  if ( pattern_testing=char ) call verify_data_in_pattern
#  while ( *datascb_ptr == 1 && pattern_testing=char )
#    step -a     # step until DATASCB is cleared
#  end
#  if ( pattern_testing=char ) call verify_check_in_pattern
#  step -a

AFASIK there whould be a space between the var and the value in test
for equality, which is not the case in LINE 1, also the usage in line 1
shows that first comparison is between a var and a value but the second
comparison is where I am held up. The "char", the "=" instead of "=="
and the missing space between the equality test.

I am unable to find what does "char" means here? I have referred the
debugger Help and also the Single Step Guide User's but haven't found
anything. Certianly this "char" is different form the char data type,
but what does it represent and its value still confuses me.

I ran the debugger and typed the individual command at the debugger
command prompt and the script ran perfectly well. But when I try to
"watch" or "read" this "char" I get a command error.

Is it an in built macro or something of that kind?

BTW, pattern_testing, functional_test, datascb_ptr are global variables
defined in the test header and verify_check_in_pattern and
verify_data_in_pattern are functions declared in the same header.

Any pointers or help would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance,

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