Problem using Trace32 OSE debugger

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I am running OSE Delta 4.5 on my MPC8260 CPU. For debugging purposes,
I want to use 'Trace32 run mode OSE debugger' which connects to
ose_dbgserver process over a TCP connection.

After starting the target, when I try to attach the Trace32 OSE
debugger with some process, the process halts. The debugger shows me
the correct location of the HLL (high level lannguage) code.

At this point, all the simple debugging steps (step-in/out etc.) work
fine. Then I set some breakpoint at some other location in the same
process and let the execution of the attached process resume. When the
breakpoint hits again and I try to use step operations in debugger,
the target kernel halts.

Could someone help me figure out, what goes wrong?

This is 'Trace32 OSE debugger' demo version which is freely available.
The system has been compiled using Diab5.0 compiler.



PS: The same setup is working fine with SDS debugger.


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