Short Review of APC Master Switch, model 9210 us for Embedded tested.

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I used APC 9210 to do regression power cycle test of system I designed
the system firmware for.

I just like to share a short review of this product base on my
As I wish that I can google such info before I start using it.

Here's go.


It basically works.  I can use web, telnet, snmp to control the
outlets to turn on/turn off/reboot the embedded system.

They are cheap from EBay.

1) It is old and discontinue product from APC.

2) The web interface is very slow.  I don't know which RTOS they use.
But it is very slow.  I don't know if the later product has faster
web interface.  I develop linux embedded app.  The linux web cgi
interface is a lot faster than what I see from APC.  (Maybe
someone has experience with later APC Master Switch model
can comment on performance of later model.)

3) The telnet inteface is very slow too.  I used RPC from BayTech
before and its telnet interface is a lot faster.   (No WEB/SNMP on
the BayTech model I used.)

4) I tried to use the document to get the OID so I can use the
SNMP agent to turn on/turn off/reboot the unit control by it.
But the document was not clear on how to get the OID.    I have
to resolve to hacking mode to get the information I needed.
(snmpwalk + poking different oid, etc.) They tech support was
helpful - VERY helpful for end-of-live product.

I like their support.  Responsive and informative.

But snmpwalk + hack beat them to get the answer.

5) Here's a very bad bug:   If I access the the unit from outside
the subnet, the system will refuse all SNMP access from that point
on (even the request from the same subnet).

The way to recover from the failure mode is to push the "reset"
button in the front.

It is a very bad failure.  I would love to know which RTOS /IP /SNMP
stack cause this problem.


p.s. If you use other BayTech, APC RPC system, I like to see
some reviews of those product such as I can make a more info
decision next time I need to make a purchase.

Re: Short Review of APC Master Switch, model 9210 us for Embedded tested.

Thank you for posting your experiences.  It is really nice when people
share like this. says...
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Re: Short Review of APC Master Switch, model 9210 us for Embedded tested.
I got a chance to use the APC AP7901 - Switch Rack PDU.

The telnet/web interface are much faster with this model now.
I am very happy with that.

There a still some sw bugs.

I can't get the snmp set to work after configure/enable the snmp via
web interface.   Have to use the sharp pin to poke the reset button
to get the snmp to work.

One time, when I want to turn on two outlets at the same time via the
web interface, the system just die.  Can't access it anymore from
web/serial/telnet/snmp.   Have to use the sharp pin to poke the reset

I use two APC7901 and did ~4000 power cycles of 10 systems via
snmp+shell script.   The power cycle part works good!  Help me
out on a lot of regression system testing.

For my work and knowing the work around, the systems are good.  I can't
image anyone truely depend on it like to from remote servers/equipments
monitor, since the software seems buggies and can lock out the user
control remotely.

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