Recommendations for Toy Design....

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Hi Everyone...

My background is primarily in software programming... so if I soun
clueless please forgive me...

I am designing a simple childrens toy & the requirements are prett

* Be able to receive triggers from up to 5 buttons...
* Be able to play digital sounds back. A total of 2 minutes worth of wa
files (decompression would be helpful)
* Be programmable on a small scale (batches of ~100) (EEPROM??)
* Although it is a childs toy it needs to be fairly high quality audio (
bit DAC minimum...I figure)
* Fairly Inexpensive (<$5 per chip)
* Preferably a single chip solution
* C programming preferred

I have looked into WinBond Powerspeech

It seems to fit my requirements, except I believe it only has embedde
ROM, not eeprrom. (I have emailed them)

Any other recommendations would be appreciaated...


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Re: Recommendations for Toy Design....
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any of the 8051's with Flash memory.
Atmel, Philips, Silicon labs. etc

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