Problem in reading from SJA1000

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I am working with a desing based on 80C196KC having SJA1000 as CAN
controller. This design also contains other peripherals like 8255.
Problem is that I am able to write to SJA1000 but unable to read from.
Other peripherals are working alright. When i checked the bus timings,
the data is placed in databus by SJA1000 only after the rising edge of
/READ signal, which shall not happen according to datasheet.The data
suppose to be available with in /READ low period.

Is there anybody who can helpme?

Thanks in advance


Re: Problem in reading from SJA1000 schrieb:

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Did you check for collisions on your data bus? Maybe another
peripheral is inadvertantly selected at the same time, pulling
the data bus to its output stronger than the SJA1000.

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