My system has 3 types of CAN Node:

1.SJA1000 2.PIC18F458 3.87C592

I encounter one problem when I run my system. The SJA1000 repeats occuring BUS Error(type:stuff error on IDxx.xx) for every 4 sec. I found the error occurs on receving one specific message.

the crystal on each device are 11.0592. I set the sampling point on 80%.

The register definition in PIC and SJA1000 are different. PIC needs to define the PROP delay. SJA1000 has no means to define that delay.

So I don't know how to set the register.

How to choose the PIC's PROP delay ? and Why SJA1000 don't need it ?

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That's not exactly the information needed to define a CAN bus bit timing. What are the clock dividers for each of those devices, i.e. what's the time quantum? And what _are_ the actual settings on each type of node? (N_TSEG1, N_TSEG2, N_SJW, others?)

That's a strange way to set up things, indeed. Are you sure you're reading the PIC's datasheet correctly regarding the meaning of that setting?

The actual propagation time, t_PROP is not even a controllable parameter of the definition of the actual bit timing in the first place. It's a limit set by the transceivers and cabling that the bit timing must be designed to obey:

t_PROP < (N_TSEG1 + 1 - 25 * (N_TSEG1 + N_TSEG2 + 1) * \delta(t_q)) * t_q

Note that this includes \delta(t_q), the error of the time quantum length due to clock variations. That's a rather volatile parameter not really under control of the uC, so I really don't see you could ever deduce values for N_TSEG1 or N_TSEG2 from a set value for t_PROP.

And rightly so, I'd say...

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