NEC V850 series

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Has anyone had any experiences with the NEC 32 bit V850 series? Good or bad.
What software development tools did you use and were they any good? I'm
looking at using this family as, at first sight, they look pretty good.
However if anyone has any opinions I'd be very glad to hear them.



Re: NEC V850 series
32bit core,

Large range to choose from

Flash parts usually biggest in the family series

No otp's but can go to mask production for high volume /cost down

compeditve on Watts/per MIPS compared to other 32 bit cores

3.3 and 5V versions.

In some regions NEC have a free C and assembler compliers

Flash In-System-programmed via serial, I2c or SPI depending on V850

Example code on Web site


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