Lan91C111 PHY problem

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First let me start by describing the hardware that I am using. I am
using the SMSC LAN91C111 ethernet MAC & PHY which is driven by the
Renesas 7144F processor (16-bit interface). I am not using a EEPROM in
conjunction with the SMSC device hence the EEPEN pin is tied low and
the IOS0-2 pins are left floating. Furthermore RBIAS is tied via a 11K
resistor to ground.

As the hardware stands at present, I am able to write and read data to
the MAC correctly. This has been verified for all 4 reg banks of the
MAC. What is strange is that I cannot seem to access the PHY in any
way whatsoever. I am using the MGNT reg in bank 3 and clocking the
data as described in the data sheet by starting with 32 1's etc etc.

Obvioulsy you cannot tell what is going on in the chip so I then set
the SMSC to external PHY. By doing so, I was able to see the data
being clocked correctly out on the MDO pin as well as the MCLK pin
toggling. I then set the device to use the internal PHY once again but
alas no luck! It just seems dead. The only data that I get is a series
of: 0x0000

The data sheet doesn't mention what the maximum speed for
communicating with the PHY is. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Also, does anyone have any other suggestions for me to try as I am now
starting to get desperate? I have looked at the SMSC trouble shooting
FAQ and have ensured that all the bits are set/cleared correctly as
recommended in order to solve this type of problem. Still no luck

Please help if you can!

Many thanks

Re: Lan91C111 PHY problem

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I have what is probably a very similar system, using the 7017 processor
which IIRC is
basically a 7044 (the 5V version of the 7144 with a DRAM Interface) that is
forced to
have a 16 bit bus by the package only bringing ot the 16 low bits of the
data bus.

I also don't have a serial EEPROM and am loading the MACID via the registers
and it is
currently working without any problems.

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I don't have all the information here and I won't be able to check until
Thurs but
I don't remember adding any delays clocking the Phy using the MGMT reg
with a 28MHz CPU clock. I do remember something about the internal PHY
being different to the data sheet.

I'll try to get back to you sometime on Thursday (US EST).


Re: Lan91C111 PHY problem

I have a phyCore2294 + 91C111 (LPC2294) with an 8bit bus.
I _can_ read/write the Phy registers but I can not set the Phy to

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Most of the sources I saw insert 50us delay after writing the data and
another after setting the clk to 1.

What do you get when reading Phy register 2 and 3 ?
Should be 0x16f84x (last digit may vary).

My first attempts gave me a value shifted one left.

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Re: Lan91C111 PHY problem
On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 07:00:41 GMT, (42Bastian

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Replying myself :( Well, I just heard my problem is related to the
hardware (Phytec phyCore2294 + base board, the base board seems to
have a problem, not the cpu board).

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Re: Lan91C111 PHY problem
I had the exact same symptoms. The cause was
Analog ground (connected to LAN91C111 AVSS pins) not being tied to
Digital ground (connected to VSS pins).


Re: Lan91C111 PHY problem

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What I do is to read the management interface register, clear out the
MDOE, MCLK, MDI and MDO. Then for reach bit in the MII frame I set the
MDO bit as it needs to be (0 or 1) and write that back to the
management interface register...wait about 1 ms...then I write the same
value again to the management interface register, this time with MCLK
set to 1....wait about 1 ms again...then read the management interface
register again, pull the MDI from it and shift it appropriately,
ignoring the MDI until we are at the read back portion of the sequence
of course.

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I used a 1 millisecond delay between each write to the management
interface register which is probably overkill but since I only tweak
the PHY myself at boot time, an extra 20 or 30 milliseconds is not
noticed in my product.

Somewhere in the datasheet there is an MII example, have you tried
sending that EXACT frame to the PHY and see what you get? When I first
wrote my driver I had screwed up the MII register address and got all
0's back.

Good luck!


Re: Lan91c111 Phy problem

I want to just thank all the people that replied to my questions about
the Lan91C111 PHY problem. As Ted suggested in the last reply, I was
experiencing a problem with the AVSS pins. After attaching them to the
common ground, the phy worked like a dream.

Once again, thanks for al your help!


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