Ethernet interface with W3100A problem

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I have a problem programming the WizNET W3100A ethernet chip
I initialize it well and it reply to the echo request (ping)
I make the Channel 0 to listen
At this point I try to receive data sent with and application on m
All seems to work and I can read correctly the data sent from my P
from the W3100A Rx Buffer but, sometimes, when I read the tw
pointers of the Rx Buffer (Cx_RR_PR and Cx_RW_PR) the W3100A seems t
perform a reset and all of its registers are set to 00H and, o
course, nothing works anymore

As the datasheet say I read first the corrisponding Shadow register

wait about 2uS the read the Pointer

I work in mode 2 (non clocked mode)

Anyone can give me some suggestion

Thanks in advanc

Re: Ethernet interface with W3100A problem
On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 01:58:10 -0600,

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What MCU are you using to interface to the W3100A ? What is the bus
timing when accessing the W3100A ? Are you sure you are meeting the
bus timing requirements of both your MCU and the W3100A ?

  Anton Erasmus

re:Ethernet interface with W3100A problem
I've study the problem since yesterday and I discovered that the rese
is performed after the reading of the Shadow Register of the W3100A

There is anyone who had that problem in the past

re:Ethernet interface with W3100A problem
Yes, the timing is correct for both MCU and W310

I'm using a NEC 784031 as MCU interfaced with a 4245 as bus voltag

I'm using a 8 bit data bus and a complete address bus for th

I can read the RX buffer without any error and this prove that th

timing for R/W operation are correct

The W3100 seems to reset itself after the reading of a shado

register, not every time but sometimes...

Any other suggestion

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