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Does anyone know of, or can recommend, an embedded video device or frame
buffer? Output type is not that important (PAL, NTSC, SECAM, VGA, HDMI
etc etc).
I am not after an "ISA video card with decoding logic" - but rather
something that has been designed for true embedded integration.
Ideally, it would be memory mapped, some form of palette control, a
reasonable pixel resolution (atleast 640x200), and 4bpp minimum.
Thanks in advance

Re: Embedded Video
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Are you talking video input or output your description above and below
seem contradictory.
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Have you decided what processor yet?

Decoding logic suggests video input.

Without knowing what processor or system you are trying to add this to
it would be pointless to suggest any particular device.

Small straight video controller ICs are rare these days, either people
use larger cpus and larger grahics chips then use encoder or decoder

Some processors have LCD or camera controllers built in which would do
a lot of the work and adding video encoders would be simple to add.
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But what sort of processor and what sort of memory size available.

You could be trying to add this to a bus that it is too slow or too
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