Embedded Operating System for newbies (long post; sorry)

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Greetings Everybody!

 I am a final year EE student working on my final year project. The
aim of the project is to develop an embedded system that showcases
whatever i've learnt about microcontrollers and programming.

I've chosen a simple project to do so. I'm developing an "Embedded
Inventory Control". Considr a warehouse with components A,B and C.
Each in its own crate, they have differnt weights. So when 1 crate at
a time leaves the warehouse, i use a load cell and ADC to measure its
weight. Thus the stock of that component can be updated. When the
stock dips below a preset, the micro hooked up to a server triggers a
chain of events. The PC sends an email to the 'supplier' ordering more
components and an email/sms to the 'owner'. Meanwhile the owner can
also access the PC (through the internet) to find out the stock of
each component.

I know many of you will have rolled your eyes and said "there are
better ways to do this!", but please bear with my design. So far I've
used PIC16F877 and C programming. Since there are several functions
involved, i've used  a multi-file program. I want to extend this
concept now to an OS level.

How do i write a code so that the 'feel' is of an OS using programs
rather than a program using functions? Any suggestions?


Re: Embedded Operating System for newbies (long post; sorry)
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I think Linux on a PC would be the easiest.  But if you have never
configured a Linux system before you are in for a long project (or at
least long hours).  Since you sound like you are at a university or
technical college you might be able to borrow a machine already
configured for terminal mode or get somebody else to coach you through
the process.

Write code in "C", compile with gcc and then you can string your
modules together with shell scripts.

Also see if you can scare up a copy of "Embedded Linux" by Hollabaugh.
 One of many books on the subject.  Good in that it follows a project
in a documentary fashion with enough details for you to figure stuff
out on your own.

Rob Young
snipped-for-privacy@ieee.nospamplease.org  (can you figure out the correct

Re: Embedded Operating System for newbies (long post; sorry)
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An OS loads and executes programs and manages resources such as I/O,
memory and a file system. Using a programmed microcontroller you can
mimic this by having an "OS" program that steps through a list of
"tasks" and calls the appropriate "program" for each step. The main
change you need to make to your existing program is to replace the main
program, which is calling the functions directly, with a program that
reads the addresses of the functions from a list of tasks (also stored
in flash memory), calling them indirectly. You will also need a
standardized method for programs to communicate with each other. In a PC
this is done by reading and writing files, but you have no external
storage, so set aside a few registers to serve as your "file system".

Before you start, do some reading about real OS's to get more ideas and
to help justify your claim that this is a minimal OS. Also, write down a
procedure so that someone unfamiliar with the system could efficiently
install or remove programs without breaking the OS.

Joe Legris

Re: Embedded Operating System for newbies (long post; sorry)
There is a uCos port for a real time kernel from Nathan Brown as freeware at
http://www.sputnickonline.com /
We use the original version on the arm chips and it works well

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