Cypress vs Microchip regarding development tools

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I had just about reached the decision to use a Cypress enCoRe for my
embedded project... over Microchip's PIC16C745 when I came to evaluate
the available development tools.

Cypress offers the DEVELOPER KIT: CY3654 + CY3654-PO5 for a total of

Cypress reccommends also purchasing an "application/prototyping board"
but this is not necessary.  And then of course I have to purchase a
programmer and 2 other components that the programmer needs - a matrix
card and programmer-adapter board which comes out to another $300 for
a total of $1500.

Cypress offers a demo C-compiler by Bytecraft.  It is free for
download from but I could find no mention of it at
Bytecraft's page!  Bytecraft does mention Cypress in it's list of chip
manufacturers for whom it has made C-compilers but Bytecraft's
c-compiler demo download page does not include the Cypress version.
This makes me leery of even trying to use the compiler... if I start
using it and run into bugs or other issues, will Bytecraft support it?

Then on the other hand I have the PIC16C745 which is more expensive
and requires some more external circuitry for use in my application.
However, the development tools are vastly cheaper and there are many
3rd party development kit/compiler/emulator vendors to choose from.

(*note* a C-compiler is not absolutely necessary but if there are
affordable solutions (under $1k) then I might opt for it)

Do any of you out there have experience developing with either the
Cypress enCoRe series or the PIC16C745/765 chips?  Were the
development tools, documentation, example code and user support good
or bad?

This decision has been causing me a lot of mental stress.  Thank you
so much for ANY input!


Re: Cypress vs Microchip regarding development tools

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The compiler is distributed by Cypress directly to its customers
and is fully supported by Byte Craft. It is not marketed by Byte Craft
which is why the demo version is not our our web site. If you have
questions on the Cypress C compiler contact Byte Craft at or contact me directly.

Walter Banks, Byte Craft Limited

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