Booting and BIOS basics

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hello all,
may seem basic but, how does an embedded system boot? does it have
BIOS too like a normal desktop system?  Where can i get more information
about the booting process of a embedded system?


Re: Booting and BIOS basics
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Yes. There is normally some sort of ROM (ROM, EPROM, FLASH) with startup code.
Sometimes the ROM is in external chips, sometimes it is built into the
processor itself. For embedded systems, the ROM usually holds all of the

As for how an embedded system boots, it depends on the system. There's no one
standad like there is in the PC world. Embedded systems are custom made and
vary widely. Some even use the same hardware as PCs, but most don't. For those
that don't, you have to find out how the particular processor you are using
starts up. Sometimes the processor manufacturer has sample boot code at their

Re: Booting and BIOS basics (Prasad) wrote in message
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You read the specs on the processor you're going to use.  On reset,
the processor jumps to a known address and you make sure you put code
there.  Typically called a reset vector.

If you have an OS you're using with it, that OS may take care of that
part for you and put its own initialization there before jumping to
your code.

You'll have to dig in if you're moving from a desktop to an embedded

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