BGA Rework/Prototype Placement Anyone?

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Does anyone else find themselves in the position I often find myself in:
It is a royal pain to get prototype quantities populated with BGA
components.  If an assembly house has BGA machinery they are typically
too big to care about the little guy like me who doesn't need all that
many boards assembled but is willing to pay for the service for a few

For the first few boards I often like to populate in blocks and do tests
at each stage so if there is a problem it is much easier to isolate the
problem.  If you populate the whole board and then find a problem (if
you can) fixing it often means removing components that you've already

It would also be very expensive to populate a small run using an
SMT-line and then find out that the power supply is going to blow up
parts (especially a worry if you have a boost power supply).

Does anyone know of anywhere that will take a few boards and populate a
few BGA's by hand?  In Canada?  In southern Onatrio?

If there is nothing out there, is anyone interested in this type of
service.  I need this service so I was considering purchasing a rework
station and then making the service available for a fee to pay for the
station and to provide a service to the design world.  Would anyone use

Thanks for your input,


Re: BGA Rework/Prototype Placement Anyone?
Hi James.

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We haven't used them for quite the type of setup you describe, but we
find Microart ( /) very good at small runs
including prototypes.  They do BGAs.  They are based in Richmond Hill.
They also have a Montreal office that I haven't dealt with.


(a Stratford native)

Steve Schefter                         phone: +1 705 725 9999 x26
The Software Group Limited               fax: +1 705 725 9666
642 Welham Road,
Barrie, Ontario CANADA  L4N 9A1          Web:

Re: BGA Rework/Prototype Placement Anyone?
Try MIS electronics in Richmond Hill.

Mark D'Sylva

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Re: BGA Rework/Prototype Placement Anyone?
I have used Circuit Technology Center several times with complete
satisfaction. /

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