AD7731 again

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It isn't working with 4MHz also, it doesn't pull RDY line down, does
anyone have any code part for driving this AD, perhaps for 8051?


Re: AD7731 again
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First of all, do you have a digital scope or
logic analyzer to verify the bit patterns
you are sending?  If you're sending something
that looks like the datasheet, it should talk.

Read the datasheet carefully.  I've found
Analog Devices datasheets to be written in
a style somewhat different than most and a
little hard to fully understand.

Secondly, are you issuing a self-cal command.
before you do anything else?  I worked with a
somewhat similar AD7711 many years ago, connected
to an x86 processor and I recall getting nothing
but zeros until I ran a self-cal command.

Re: AD7731 again
Well, Stewart, unfortunately I don't have digital scope, and that is why
I'm strugling so much.

It started pulling RDY pin, but now I get some strande result of
conversion it might be connected to that self-calibration, I'll try that.


Re: AD7731 again

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Call me Jim.

Let us know what you find out.  You can pick up a
used logic analyzer for almost nothing and it's
a handy thing to have on the shelf.  A UK company
called Rocky Logic makes a real cute USB logic
analyzer that would work fine for what you're doing.

If you live within driving distance of Sacramento
California, I'll *give* you a logic analyzer.

Re: AD7731 again
I will post when I solve the problem.

Unfortunately, Jim I'm from Europe.


Re: AD7731 again
Nothing for now, I do an initialization at the begining (self-scale and
self-zero calibrations)
but it doesn't help, all zeros for now.

I have to get some scope to try.


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