About video display on the LCD screen.

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Hello all:

     We are making a video decoder based on PXA255 using IPP libraries
from Intel. The mpeg4 video resolution is CIF(352x288), but our LCD
screen is 6.4# ( 640x480). But our spec want to a full screen display,
which LCD screen should I select?
I have seen a handle TV based on LCD , does this type LCD meet our



Re: About video display on the LCD screen.

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Hi ZhouChang, its not too difficult to write a software function that will
scale the video output up from the mpeg4 output format to the full screen
size, if you have the processing capacity. Just make sure you avoid floating
point arithmetic ;)

Going for a TV input LCD may make other text and graphics difficult to
read - systems designed for output on interlaced video displays have to add
anti-twitter filters to make the text readable (to eliminate flicker and


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