Is there an 18V LM358?

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I made a circuit with some LM358, where I need very close to the
maximum 32V power supply. It worked as expected up to about 21V - 22V,
but above that, it started behaving strangely. I replaced the chips
(all 3 of them), with no change. Then I replaced the chips again, but
this time with ones from a different purchase. Now, all is well.

The chips in question are marked 18V on the line below the LM358

Are they 18V variants of the LM358, or are they simply poor quality

(Yes, they were bought on Ebay, and they were cheap.)

Re: Is there an 18V LM358?
On 07/17/2017 06:00 AM, Robert Roland wrote:
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Real LM358s from a real distributor cost pennies.  Chuck them out and  
use good ones.


Phil Hobbs

Dr Philip C D Hobbs
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