NEC DX3000 VCR - slow rewind problem

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I need help to solve a slow rewind problem in an NEC DX3000 VCR. I've
changed the caps on the capstan motor PCB, and I've replaced the belts
and tyres. I can't feel any excessive drag in the mechanism, only the
light application of brake pads to maintain a minimal tape tension.
The motor voltage is 7.4V which is correct according to the service
manual. Fast forward is OK, but should probably be a little faster.
The idler tyre has plenty of grip - I can feel the resistance of the
servo in play and cue/review modes. It seems that the motor's torque
is too low at the applied voltage. In fact I can easily stall the
motor with light finger pressure. The drive voltage remains at 7.2 -
7.4V when I do this.

- Franc Zabkar
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