Junkyard Jumbotron

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Junkyard Jumbotron

Rick Borovoy's Junkyard Jumbotron project, which allows laptops or phones in
close proximity to be ganged together to
form a large display. A project from the MIT Center for Future Civic Media.
Video by Paula Aguilera.

"Elliot Woods 2 days ago
i was hoping to make something similar, so really excited about this.
My desire was to be able to draw across all the screens at once from a mobile
device, using structured light generated
in a web browser and a dedicated iPhone/other app.
This looks really well developed and with a great team pushing the
possibilities. Congratulations!"
"Philip Han 2 days ago
I've always imagined something like this!!!

Time over time I wondered how to merge multiple projectors into one screen but I
realized pretty quickly that it wasn't
all too hard and using Windows 7 or Mac OS X you can do it quite easily...

But to have this in a Mobile App though? Amazing!
Maybe NFC could open up crazy things like 1:1 Virtual Reality tracking close to
an object to see things that wouldn't be
there without using ugly QR codes!"


Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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